MANCHESTER — White Beach is open to swimming again after it finally passed its third bacteria test in two weeks, the town Board of Health announced Thursday afternoon. 

Thursday's test found the geometric mean standard of the beach's water at 28 colony-forming units per 100 milliliters. This test predicts the water quality for the upcoming month. As required by the state, no ocean water at a public beach is allowed to higher than 35 CFU. Just two days ago, the water was tested at 50 CFU.

As it did two days ago, the beach's single-test bacterial count, which tests the water’s current condition, came in under the state requirement of 10 CFU. It had scored 132 CFU when the beach closed initially over a week and a half ago.

Manchester's other beaches — West Manchester (aka Black Cove) on Harbor Street, Tuck’s Point on Tuck’s Point Road, Singing on Beach Street, Black on Ocean Street, and Gray (aka Magnolia Beach) on Raymond Street, have been open to swimming, having consistently passed the tests.

Weekly bacteria testing is conducted by the state Bureau of Environmental Health. The organization suspects heavy rainfall and run-off was the cause of increased bacteria at White Beach. 

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