AMESBURY — A Middleton man, who frightened a woman and her toddler when he mistakenly tried getting into their car after picking up methamphetamine, escaped jail time following his appearance Monday in Newburyport District Court.  

Instead, Calvin J. Gil, 22, of 7 Deacon Drive was ordered to stay away from the woman and her family and attend numerous Narcotics Anonymous meetings per week for a year.

He was charged in August with attempting to commit a crime — breaking into a motor vehicle — and disorderly conduct. 

If he abides by those conditions and stays out of trouble with the law during that time, the charges will be dismissed. 

A woman was parked in the Vermette’s Market lot on Aug. 25 about 8:50 p.m. with her 2-year-old child while her husband ran into the Pond Street store to pick up something, according to a police report.

While waiting, she spotted Gil nervously walking around the parking lot. She then saw a second man enter the parking lot and place something in a barrel ashtray outside the store. Gil walked over, reached inside the barrel and removed something. Gil then tried to open the back door of her car. 

“(The victim) started to honk her horn and scream to get someone’s attention. (The victim) was scared and was visibly upset. This is when Gil took off running to the church,” Officer Jonathan Morrill wrote in his report, referring to nearby All Saints Anglican Church. 

By the time Morrill spotted Gil, he was back in the Vermette’s parking lot near the woodline. Gil told Morrill he had just left a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and mistakenly thought the victim’s car belonged to his father.

“I’m tired,” Gil told Morrill, according to the officer’s report.

Morrill pressed him on the item he retrieved from the barrel, asking if it were drugs. At first, Gil denied picking up drugs but then admitted he picked up meth wrapped in a paper towel. 

“Gil showed me the empty paper towel and informed me that he had swallowed the meth while speaking to me,” Morrill wrote. 

As a precaution, Morrill called the Amesbury Fire Department, which sent an ambulance crew to examine Gil. He was eventually taken to Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport for an evaluation. Morrill informed Gil he would be summonsed to court. 

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