Moulton pushes for impeachment of Trump

Whitney Downard/CNHI News IndianaCongressman Seth Moulton calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump at the Young Democrats of America convention in Indianapolis on Friday. 

INDIANAPOLIS — Seth Moulton, a presidential candidate for 2020, called for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump and encouraged the attendees of the Young Democrats of America convention to do “what’s right.”

“There are times in people’s lives where you fight for what you believe in or you regret it,” Moulton said. “This is one of those times for our country.”

Moulton, one of a few presidential candidates addressing the national convention, represents the 6th District of Massachusetts in Congress.

“It has been our party that takes on the toughest challenges; (that) choose a hard right over an easy wrong; that chooses courage over convenience,” Moulton said. “And that is why it is our most constitutional and patriotic duty to impeach Donald Trump.”

Moulton called the sitting president a criminal and a crook who used his position of power to enrich himself while skirting the law. He called upon the attendees to “stand for justice.”

“Future generations will look to us and ask what we did to stop Donald Trump; to protect the values that I fought for in Iraq. The values that some of my friends died for,” Moulton said. “I want to tell my 9-month-old daughter that we stood for what was right; that we stood for America and that we won.”

Moulton has struggled to gain recognition in national polls and reported just $1.2 million raised in the last fundraising period. He didn’t qualify for the first round of debates, in June, or the second round at the end of this month.

With 23 other Democratic hopefuls, Moulton said he stood out because of his “ambitious” proposal for mental healthcare, which would require annual mental health checkups for active duty service members, high school students and a three-digit 511 mental health hotline.

“I can’t tell you how many Americans have come up to me and thanked me for speaking out about mental health, for sharing my own stories,” Moulton said. “And what a difference it makes to have someone who’s running for president talk about this and make it acceptable for other people to talk about.”

Moulton has openly discussed his own trauma following his service in Iraq, using his experiences with PTSD to push for improved mental healthcare nationwide from urban to rural areas.

“No matter where they are, in the city or a rural community, they’ll have access to mental healthcare,” Moulton said.

Another initiative for rural areas would be to improve broadband through a national service program for young Americans.

“One of the ways I’ll do that is with the most ambitious national service program of any presidential candidate, which is challenging every one of the 33 million young Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 to serve their country (through civilian service),” Moulton said. “One of their jobs will be to help bring broadband to rural communities. Which is not only important to the country, it’s a great skill to learn for competing in today’s workforce.”

Trump received criticism from Moulton not just as president but also as commander-in-chief.

“I think it’s where he’s weakest. If we’re going to beat him, we’ve got to hit him where he’s weakest,” Moulton said. “I don’t think we can win if we don’t have a clear national security strategy for how Democrats will keep America safe and strong.”