Editor's note: This article has been updated since its original publication. The rating for the Eastpointe Rehabilitation Center in Chelsea listed on the Nursing Home Compare website has since been upgraded to average.

SALEM — A Salem nursing home that has been operating under court receivership could soon have a new owner.

The Grosvenor Park Health Center, a 120-bed skilled nursing home in Vinnin Square, is scheduled to be sold to the Pointe Group.

The Norwood-based company was the winning bidder in an auction for the nursing home in August. The sale is dependent on the granting of a license by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. A DPH spokeswoman said the agency is reviewing the suitability of the proposed new owner and will decide whether to grant the license in April.

The group, however, has been running the nursing home since Nov. 1, which was allowed by the receiver while the license application is pending.

Paul Valentine, the senior managing director of KCP Advisory Group, the company that has served as court receiver since July, said having a new owner will benefit residents and employees at Grosvenor Park.

"I've got to believe that that's a good thing for Salem," Valentine said. "It really should provide some stability and some confidence that there are people who are prepared to make investments in the property and participate in the community."

Grosvenor Park has been owned since 2015 by Synergy Health Centers, a New Jersey-based company that has seen eight of its 10 Massachusetts nursing homes placed into court receivership.

According to court documents, the two Synergy companies that owned and operated Grosvenor Park defaulted on $15 million in loans and were in "dire financial straits."

Oxford Finance LLC, the lender who filed suit against Synergy, said that Grosvenor Park's food delivery and physical therapy vendors had threatened to cut ties with the nursing home over lack of payments.

An Essex Superior Court judge appointed KCP Advisory Park as receiver on July 30, giving the company the authority to oversee the property, including to sell it. Pointe Group was the winning bidder for Grosvenor Park at auction by agreeing to assume the debt that had accumulated under Synergy.

Officials from Synergy Health Centers could not be reached for comment.

Chris Hannon, director of operations for the Pointe Group, said there have been no interruptions of service for residents since his company took over and that they're committed to making improvements to services and the building. 

"That's our end game, to put money and resources back into the actual facility itself and improve the service line," Hannon said.

The Pointe Group is also looking to buy Woodbriar Health Center in Wilmington, another of the Synergy facilities that was placed into receivership.

The Pointe Group currently owns nursing homes in Chelsea, Fall River and Brockton. One of them, Southpointe Rehabilitation, has a below-average rating from the federal government. The other two, Baypointe Rehabilitation and Eastpointe Rehabilitation, have average ratings.

Grosvenor Park currently has an average rating. In 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services fined the facility $102,623 after a resident used a gun to take his life.

Valentine, whose company is serving as receiver for all eight of the Synergy facilities, said Grosvenor Park has been the "showcase" of the company's Massachusetts nursing homes.

"It was always the one that stood out," he said. "From the outside it's beautiful. It was the last one to go into receivership because it was in pretty darn good shape. I have a ton of confidence in (Pointe Group's) ability to get in there and make changes."

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