North Shore COVID-19 updates

Updates on the coronavirus crisis from across the region: 

Salem was reporting 567 cases of COVID-19 in the city as of Friday. Of those, 247 are active cases and 320 are off of their isolation periods. There remain 26 coronavirus-related deaths in the Witch City.

The town of Danvers was reporting 643 coronavirus cases as of May 21.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus patients at Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester remains the same as of Friday afternoon, with 32 cases. Three of those patients are in the intensive care unit, same as Thursday. 

For the second straight day, there were just four suspected cases of COVID-19. All four of those remain in the ICU.


The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among workers at the two hospitals is now at 29, one more than the previous day.

North Shore Medical Center’s Salem Hospital saw another decrease as of Friday, dropping their number of patients with coronavirus down to 71. There were also 13 patients receiving care in the ICU, same as on Wednesday.

There are 24 patients under investigation for COVID-19. 


All told, a total of 557 patients have been admitted, treated and discharged from the hospital.







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