DANVERS — Restrictions on outdoor water use in town will go into effect on Saturday. 

As of May 1, Danvers will move to what it calls "Level 2" seasonal conditions of outdoor water use. That means lawn and garden watering is only allowed between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. 

According to an announcement from the town, the water restrictions were instituted when the state Department of Environmental Protection mandated regulations as part of the Water Management Act, due to growing concerns of highly stressed river basins. Those regulations include a summer cap from May 1 to Oct. 1 that restricts water use in town to 3.8 million gallons a day. 

There are six levels of outdoor water use restrictions. The town shifts levels depending on the flow of the Ipswich River, which supplies the town's drinking water. Level 1, or no restrictions, typically takes place during the winter. Level 6 means no outdoor water use allowed. 

Danvers is one of 14 communities that get their drinking water from the Ipswich River. Earlier this month, American Rivers, a national conservation group, named the Ipswich River one of the country's 10 most endangered rivers. The group said the river faces a "grave threat" from excessive water withdrawals.

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