A Flint Street resident showed police at 10:47 p.m. that her Cadillac had been sideswiped overnight while parked.

A man was cited for driving without a license after a stop on Fort Avenue at 11:22 p.m.


A man driving on Peabody Street lost control of his car at 2:23 a.m. when the axle on his Chevy Malibu failed and he struck, seemingly, every Japanese car in the vicinity, including a Mitsubishi Galant, a Nissan Altima, a Toyota Scion and a Toyota Camry. There were no injuries.

A woman staying with a friend on Hazel Street left enough money in her Jeep to cover tolls and then some. She told police at 7:33 a.m. her car was broken into overnight and $600 was taken from the center console. Police report no witnesses.

A Peabody Street resident came out of the house in the morning and found his vehicle's bumper ripped off. He flagged down a police cruiser at 8:33 a.m. to report the hit-and-run.

Yefry Cardona, 19, of 6 Harris St., Peabody, was arrested on Highland Avenue at 9:04 a.m. by Patrolman DeeJay Gagnon on charges of driving with a suspended license, having no registration and no insurance, and attaching false plates to his vehicle.

A Salem State student reported a lost wallet at 9:42 a.m., the missing item containing $120 and various IDs and bank cards.

A Francis Road resident complained at 9:42 a.m. that someone had keyed what is sometimes regarded as a lewd term on his vehicle's door.

Police took a man on Margin Street into protective custody at 12:43 p.m. after noting he had a laceration over his eye, apparently from falling, and he had soiled himself.

A passer-by returned to police a pocketbook found on Highland Avenue. A cellphone and wallet were inside. An attempt was being made to return it to the owner.

The employees of Northeast Animal Shelter were greeted by a crate in the parking lot containing a pit bull puppy covered in mange, urine, dung and probably blood. It had no tags or markings and was sent to the Danvers Animal Hospital at 2:34 p.m.

In a case of some friends, a Washington Street resident reported credit card fraud at 2:37 p.m. — her card had been used in Pennsylvania at Friends Central School.

A road rage incident on Chandler Road featured an angry woman hurling her child's plastic juice cup at a Cadillac after the driver made an obscene gesture. The Cadillac driver said he was cut off by the woman at 2:50 p.m. He suggested that a chip off his front bumper was caused by the juice cup. "I couldn't tell if (the chip) was new or old," Patrolman Victor Ruiz wrote in his report. The woman insisted that the juice cup landed harmlessly on the ground. "Both went their separate ways."

A hypodermic needle was found on Putnam Street at 2:56 p.m.

Two Mason Street residents reported together at 3:47 p.m. that checks they'd left in the mailbox to pay bills were apparently stolen and cashed. Worse yet, the amounts were altered so one person was out more than $700 and the other more than $600. Police are investigating.



The rear window of a vehicle was broken on Wallis Street and an iPod stolen, according to a 2:11 p.m. log item.

A woman told police at 5:07 p.m. that her iPhone worth $700 was stolen from her office on Foster Street.

Julio Toro, 39, of Lynn was arrested at 5:35 p.m. on Lynn Street by Officer Richard Rose on a charge of driving with a suspended license. A Lynn woman will be summonsed for having a revoked registration and no insurance.

A vehicle was towed from Baldwin Street at 5:45 p.m. in a case of "car into house," according to the log. Police say there was no apparent structural damage.

Assis DeSousa, 21, of 9 Elm St., Peabody, was arrested on Central Street at 6:35 p.m. by Officer Justin Cecil and charged with driving without a license. A second person will be summonsed for allowing an unlicensed person to drive.

Police served a restraining order on a Peabody man at 7:17 p.m. and seized his license to carry a firearm. The gun owner told officers he sold all the firearms listed as his to a man in Lunenberg.

A woman called police from Springhill Suites to report at 9:14 p.m. that her sister had tried to choke her. An investigation proved no assault. The girl "was off her medication," according to the police log. "Peace restored."

An Everett man stopped on Lowell Street at 11:33 p.m. will be summonsed for driving without a license and without insurance. His car was towed.


Two needles were found on Bowditch Street and disposed of at 7:34 a.m.

A woman called at 9:35 a.m. and asked police to escort her home from the Northshore Mall area because she was afraid a man was following her. The man could not be found, but police escorted her out of town.

A man on Veterans Memorial Drive alerted police at 1:01 p.m. that he was having a rock delivered to his land.

J.C. Penney caught a shoplifter but told police at 1:17 p.m. that they would handle the matter.



A car was towed on Lovett Street at 2:22 p.m. after police discovered its registration had been revoked for a lack of insurance. Plates were seized and sent back to the Registry.

The band did not play on after police visited a Federal Street apartment at 5:10 p.m. Told of complaints, the occupants, Montserrat School of Art students, told police, "They will be more considerate next time," according to the log.

Dinner and a fire proved an unfortunate combination on Lovett Street at 6:05 p.m. Police and the Fire Department responded to a blaze in the oven, but a fire extinguisher and the quick decision to disconnect the electric stove eliminated the fire before they arrived.

A Bridge Street resident told police at 6:35 p.m. that his vehicle had been broken into and robbed the night before.

Police responded to an argument on Sohier Road over clothes at 7:32 p.m.

Police responded to an argument on Monroe Street over a lost pack of cigarettes at 7:36 p.m.

A call regarding a man chasing a car on Elliott Street at 11:13 p.m. was revealed as "kids pulling a prank," according to the log.


The investigation of a hit-and-run on Essex Street at 7:13 a.m. had police collecting paint chips and the broken bumper. According to the log, it's possible the suspect could be found.

Police answered a report of a burglary at a business on Park Street at 8:16 a.m. A front door had been forced open.

A complaint over a female "screaming since Saturday" was addressed at 8:51 a.m. "She was very out of control and was screaming and crying," according to the police report. An ambulance was summoned to take her to Beverly Hospital.

A complaint regarding a stolen wedding ring brought police to Colby Street at 10:37 a.m.

The use of pepper spray on a high school locker brought police attention to Sohier Road at 11:36 a.m.



A resident asked at 8:01 a.m. for more police attention during the hours school kids are coming and going at Clifton Avenue and Brook Road. This came after seeing a Clifton driver roar through the stop sign without stopping.

A woman reported at 8:46 a.m. that she always leaves her purse on the floor of the car when she goes to Mass at Star of the Sea Church. But since church on Monday she hasn't been able to find the purse, though she "scoured the house and has checked inside the church," according to the police report.

High school officials alerted police at 11:53 a.m. that they had "suspended a commuter student," according to the log. They asked officers to monitor the parking lot to "make sure he does not do any damages while leaving school property." Police found him "calm and waiting for bus." The school will meet with his parents.

A man told police at 6:35 p.m. that someone tried to open a bank account in his name in Connecticut. He was told to contact the bank branch in Swampscott.

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