BEVERLY — Get a call from the police department asking for money?

Police are urging residents to be cautious and not take it seriously.

The police department is warning residents that a scam that masks itself as coming from the department is hitting area households.

In the scam, a caller identifies his- or herself as a member of the department, using the name of one of its actual officers, according to a department press release.

It’s believed the calls are being generated using a computer, as the caller ID shows an actual police department number on the receiving end.

The caller states that they’re calling about unpaid bills and then demand a payment be made.

The department would never have an officer contact anyone to retrieve money for unpaid bills, as this function is a civil matter, not a police function.

Anyone believing to have been a victim of this scam is asked to contact the Beverly Police Department at 922-1212.

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