SALEM — City police are investigating an apparent drive-by shooting Wednesday night.

People near the intersection of Perkins and Leavitt streets were startled about 8:40 p.m. by a fusillade of gunfire in the street.

Upset residents told police, who quickly responded to the scene, that about ten shots had been fired at an unknown target by a person, or persons, in a passing car — that may have been a black Honda. But none of the witnesses were certain.

They told police they didn't actually see the shots fired — only that they had heard them and turned to see the vehicle speed away.

No one got a license plate number, nor could they say how many occupants were in the car, police said.

So far, police have been unable to determine who the target was as no one appeared to have been hurt.

The only casualty may have been a parked car, which was reported to have taken several rounds in the bumper, but this was not confirmed in the police report.

One person reported seeing a white car speed away from the area.

Police urged anyone who may have information on the shooting to call them.




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