SALEM — A man charged with repeatedly exposing himself in public will spend six months in jail, a Salem District Court judge ordered on Thursday. 

And if Adam Morrissey, 20, of 64 Palmer St., Salem, cannot behave appropriately in public when he gets out, he’ll be sent back for another six months, under a plea agreement accepted by a second judge Thursday afternoon. 

Morrissey’s string of cases started in October when he was charged with open and gross lewdness after a 29-year-old woman saw him masturbating on an MBTA commuter rail train in Beverly. 

Then, while out on bail in that case, he was charged in January with doing the same thing on board another MBTA commuter rail train, this time in the presence of a 15-year-old girl. 

Morrissey subsequently pleaded guilty in both cases and was placed on probation with conditions that included sex offender treatment. 

But his probation officer, Ellen Winschel told a judge that Morrissey had missed several appointments with the therapist who was supposed to evaluate him for that treatment. 

Then on the evening of July 8, Morrissey walked into the Walgreens on Boston Street in Salem. 

During a hearing Thursday, a store employee testified, with the assistance of a Russian interpreter, about how she sensed someone standing behind her while she was at a register, then turned to look and saw Morrissey. 

She said she saw something that looked like his genitals. 

“I was of course shocked and a little confused,” she said through the interpreter. 

Morrissey’s attorney, William O’Hare, suggested that since Morrissey was standing near the candy display, perhaps he had something else in his hand. 

“You’re not really certain what was in that fellow’s hand,” O’Hare suggested. 

“He didn’t have anything in his hands,” said the woman, who added that she was “confused and baffled.” 

Based on the testimony from Winschel and the store employee, Judge Robert Brennan revoked Morrissey’s probation and sentenced him to six months in jail on one of his older cases and then extended his probation in the other case until September 2016. 

A couple of hours later, in another courtroom, Morrissey decided to plead guilty to the newest case, after prosecutors agreed to reduce it to indecent exposure. That charge reduction was based on the testimony earlier in the day that Morrissey was not touching himself when the woman saw him. 

Judge Matthew Machera went along with an agreement to sentence Morrissey to six months in jail, suspended, and two years of probation. He’ll only have to serve the time if he gets into further trouble or doesn’t follow the conditions of his probation, including not using drugs or alcohol. 

He’s also been ordered again to take part in sex offender treatment. 

Courts reporter Julie Manganis can be reached at 978-338-2521, via email at or on Twitter @SNJulieManganis.

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