SALEM — The woman told police at 8 p.m. that she has no issues with anyone. Nonetheless, at some point a vehicle came slowly down Lynde Street and the driver threw a rock through her rear window.

It’s an accident that was repeated more than few times during the night, as if someone had been driving about with a supply of rocks and throwing at the cars of strangers.

“It’s been the last day or two,” said Salem Police Lt. Scott Englehardt yesterday. “We had several last night.”

A report on Parlee Street at 8:45, identified the rock-throwing driver as a white male in his late 20s or early 30s. He threw two rocks at a car window there but it did not break. 

On Wednesday at 6:36 a.m. a woman on Cauldron Court told police her car window had been smashed overnight, though nothing was taken from within. Police observed a rock on the ground. 

Goodhue Street and Hartford Street residents made similar complaints regarding a smashed Honda window at 9:21 a.m. and minivan’s shattered windshield at 9:23 a.m. on Wednesday. Video footage of the former incident is being sought.

Peabody Police reported the same sort of problem overnight, damaging multiple vehicles, at Shillaber, Shamrock streets and both Northend and Winter streets twice, Newcastle and Lenox roads and Walsh Avenue thrice. Multiple vehicles were also hit with spray paint on Fay Avenue, Seamont Road and elsewhere.

A suspect is believed to be driving a silver or gray vehicle with a loud exhaust.


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