Voters in Hamilton, Wenham, Boxford, Marblehead, Middleton and Swampscott, among others, may notice a separate question on their ballots aimed at reforming marijuana laws. This nonbinding question calls on Congress to repeal the federal prohibition of marijuana and instead let the states regulate it. The Massachusetts 6th Congressional District Cannabis Club put the questions on the ballot.

“It should be a states’ rights issue,” said Steven Epstein of Georgetown, coordinator of the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District Cannabis Club.

In Hamilton and Wenham, the nonbinding question on marijuana reform is Question 6, according to a statement from the Drug Policy Forum of Massachusetts.

It’s Question 4 in Middleton, and in Marblehead and Swampscott, it’s also Question 6.

Jennifer Manley, spokeswoman for the Committee for Compassionate Medicine, which is behind the push for medical marijuana in Massachusetts, said there has been some confusion in the public between Question 3 and these separate nonbinding marijuana reform questions.

The two efforts are not related, she said.

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