DANVERS — A Weymouth man is being held without bail after police say he tried to convince someone he believed to be the aunt of a young girl on the Kik instant messaging app to let him engage in sexual activity with the child in exchange for cash. 

Mark Dymek, 35, also allegedly asked the Danvers woman to engage in sexual acts with the girl and send photos of it to him, something he claimed he'd done with another woman, according to court papers. 

Dymek pleaded not guilty to one count of trafficking a person under 18 for sexual servitude during his arraignment Thursday in Salem District Court. 

He will remain held without bail at least through Dec. 27, when a hearing is scheduled to determine whether he poses a danger if released. 

According to Danvers police Detective Christopher Gaffney's report, the woman went to police with the messages. In their exchange, Dymek, using the screen name "Big Daddy" told her that he was a "sick person" and wants to find someone "equally sick" to fulfill his fantasy of seeing a mother "play" with her child. 

He went on to tell her that if she went along with the plan, which would involve the woman's 8-year-old niece, he would "spoil her" and offered a "monthly stipend" of $1,000. 

After the woman showed the messages to police, Newbury Police Sgt. Aaron Wojtkowski, a veteran of a number of online sting operations, began posing as the Danvers woman. 

Dymek soon asked for a photo of the girl and began to discuss how they could exchange photos and videos. 

"I've done this with one person and she has a son, not a daughter, but I made her make videos doing stuff to him," Dymek allegedly wrote, thinking that he was still communicating with the Danvers woman. He went on to describe the acts in detail and claimed he still had a video. 

He then sent messages describing in graphic detail what he would like to see the Danvers woman do to the girl, telling her that he was aroused by thinking of it. 

As the conversation continued, Dymek acknowledged that if police learned about the plan, "they would be in a lot of trouble." 

But he then went on to ask how much it would cost him to have access to the girl himself. "I have no morals. I'm a sick perverted dude I enjoy sick things it turns me on," he allegedly wrote.

He also said he would be willing to pay the woman $800 to get pregnant with his child, and that they could then abuse that child together. 

In what appeared to be an attempt to spur the woman to action, he also claimed that he was in contact with another parent, a disabled woman in a wheelchair "desperate" for money who was also willing to do what he was asking. "If you don't message me, I'll just give her my money," he allegedly wrote. 

Dymek was arrested on a warrant issued Wednesday by a Salem District Court judge. 

He will be held at Middleton Jail pending next Friday's hearing. 

Courts reporter Julie Manganis can be reached at 978-338-2521, by email at jmanganis@salemnews.com or on Twitter at @SNJulieManganis. 

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