DANVERS — A state trooper working a paid detail at routes 128 and 62 quickly came to the aid of a construction worker who had accidentally cut an artery in his wrist while cutting a roll of tarp, state police said.

The trooper’s quick actions mitigated a serious medical situation.

At 7:50 a.m., Trooper Jeffrey Gendreau said he was at a staging area for D.W. White Construction of Acushnet, the main contractor on the ramps project, in the vicinity of Route 62 when a construction worker slashed his wrist while cutting some 8-foot plastic sheeting with a utility knife.

Gendreau was standing a few feet away when he said he saw a spurt of blood from the wound, signifying the worker had cut an artery.

“‘Trooper, I need help,’” Gendreau said the worker told him. “‘This is bad.’”

Gendreau had the worker apply pressure to the wound while he went to his cruiser, popped the trunk and retrieved the first aid kit. He and others applied makeshift tourniquets and bandages to the wound.

“We were able to control the bleeding,” said Gendreau, who immediately called the Danvers state police barracks for medical assistance.

Five minutes later, the Danvers Fire Department and Lyons Ambulance arrived, stabilized the worker and took him to Beverly Hospital.

“It all happened so fast,” Gendreau said. “I just reacted. The first responder training, it all kicked in. It’s being at the right place at the right time.”

The worker returned to the site at the end of the day, bandaged and in “good spirits,” able to use his fingers, Gendreau said.

Gendreau, who lives on the North Shore, said that because the cut was clean and the wound was tended to immediately, the outcome for the worker was a good one.

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