SWAMPSCOTT — An intruder apparently entered Gov. Charlie Baker's house one afternoon last week while his wife and daughter were home, and left a letter for the governor along with a packet of photos and documents.

According to WBZ-TV, while the governor's security detail was parked in front of his home about 3:30 p.m. last Tuesday, Oct. 6, Lane Forman of Danvers pulled into the driveway, parked his car and entered through an unlocked exterior door that led into the kitchen.

Although the timeline was vague in the WBZ account, it appears troopers on the security detail realized someone had slipped past them and followed Forman, who is well known to police, into the house, where they confronted him.

When the troopers questioned him and asked him what he was doing there, Forman responded, "Don't (expletive) with me. Charlie told me to drop this off."

Forman — who, according to police, has a violent criminal history — was arrested the next day and charged with breaking and entering.

He was arraigned Wednesday after allegedly breaking into the home Tuesday, the Essex County District Attorney's office said.

Forman pleaded not guilty and his bail was set at $5,000. Additionally, along with being ordered to keep away from the Baker family, he was fitted with a GPS tracker to ensure he keeps away from the governor's house and neighborhood.

The governor's office had no comment and referred questions to state police. They, in turn, declined to make any comment, noting that "for security reasons, the Massachusetts State Police do not release details about executive protection operations."

Multiple protests have been held around Baker's Swampscott home throughout the coronavirus pandemic, as a number of Bay Staters have demonstrated against measures such as social distancing and closing of restaurants, gyms and bars to limit people's exposure to the deadly and highly contagious pathogen.

At this point it is unclear whether Forman's visit had anything to do with those protests or the pandemic response.





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