BOSTON (AP) — A Boston social services organization named in honor of 19th-century abolitionist Harriet Tubman that's been the center of a redevelopment dispute was vandalized with graffiti, officials say.

The Harriet Tubman House in the city's South End was spray painted with what United South End Settlements, which runs the building, called “inaccurate messages concerning the preservation of the iconic Honor Roll mural," according to The Boston Globe.

The nonprofit organization said it intends to preserve the mural despite plans to demolish the building and replace it with a condo development. The sale has sparked debate over gentrification of the neighborhood, with critics saying the Tubman house is an essential resource for low-income residents.

The mural depicts influential Black residents of the neighborhood. The building serves as a community center for children and older residents.

Videos posted on social media show a small group of people gathered outside of the building and painting on a portico in front of a mural. The graffiti included the phrase “Black Art Matters.”

Police say they have not received a report of vandalism at the site.


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