ROWLEY – A Boston man arrested late last month on crystal meth distribution and assault and battery charges was sentenced to two months in jail during Tuesday's appearance in Newburyport District Court.

The man, Michael Amendola, 27, of West 6th St., Boston, was seen by multiple witnesses punching a woman while driving through Rowley in late December. When police arrested him they said they found six baggies containing crystal methamphetamine ready for sale in his 2019 Dodge Charger. 

He was arrested Dec. 29 and arraigned the following day on the following charges: possession of a class B drug to distribute, assault and battery of a family/household member and kidnapping. 

In court on Tuesday, Amendola pleaded guilty to the drug and assault and battery charges and was sentenced to a year in jail. The kidnapping charge was dismissed.

As part of Amendola's plea deal, all but 60 days was suspended for two years while on probation. During that time, Amendola must remain drug and alcohol free with random screens, stay out of trouble with the law and must not abuse his victim. 

According to a police report, two motorists called police around 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 29, saying they saw a man in a blue Dodge Charger striking a woman in the passenger seat. Officer Gavin Forni caught up with the Charger on Summer Street and pulled it over. 

As Forni approached the car, Amendola demanded to know why he was pulled over. 

"After explaining the reason for the stop to him, he became very upset stating that the two had a minor argument," Forni wrote in his report, adding Officer John Raffi had arrived on scene to assist. 

Raffi asked the passenger to step out of the car as Forni spoke to Amendola. When she stepped out of the car, Amendola yelled at her to keep her mouth shut. The passenger, later identified as Kristy Kivlin, denied any assault took place. 

Kivlin, also of Boston, was subsequently charged with possession of a class B substance (crystal meth) and a previous warrant from Taunton District Court regarding three counts of assault and battery of ambulance personnel. 

In her handbag, police found a "loaded" syringe and an empty one. 

Police then ordered Amendola out of the car so police could search it for drugs. Forni quickly found a gold vial with a rock-like substance inside later identified as crystal meth. By this time, a witness told police he would give written testimony regarding Amendola striking Kivlin. 

Police arrested Amendola on drug and assault and battery charges and tried to handcuff him. He struggled to the point where he was having involuntary seizures. That prompted police to call for an ambulance crew who transported him to Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport.

During an inventory search of the Charger, police found a backpack containing a small safe, a digital scale, $202 in cash, several used needles, glass pipes, a cell phone and several empty plastic baggies. They also found six baggies containing the same rock-like substance found in the vial. 

The crystal meth found in the baggies weighed 11.62 grams, according to Forni's report. 

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