NEWBURYPORT – A recently hired city police dispatcher resigned last month after he was caught on camera while stealing cash from a wallet turned in at the station.

Robert Bishop, 32, of Newbury now faces a clerk’s hearing in Newburyport District Court after his former co-workers issued him a summons on a count of larceny less than $1,200.

The clerk’s hearing is scheduled for May 17 and will determine if Bishop will be arraigned on the charge.

Clerk’s hearings are typically closed to the public and if the clerk decides there isn’t probable cause to support a criminal charge, the case against Bishop would be dropped.

Bishop worked on the department’s midnight shift for about three weeks and was still in the probationary period for new hires at the time of the incident, City Marshal Mark Murray said.

Confronted with his alleged crime, which took place more than two weeks ago, Bishop was given the option of resigning or being fired, Murray added.

Bishop returned the cash but Murray didn’t disclose the exact amount lifted from the wallet.

“We charged him, it was the right thing to do,” Murray said. “It never happens. It is what it is.”

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