Record turnout for state's Democratic presidential primary

Salem residents cast their votes at Saltonstall School on Super Tuesday. This year's presidential primaries show a record turnout in the state, according to Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin. RYAN MCBRIDE/Staff photo 


BOSTON (AP) — A record number of Massachusetts voters showed up to participate in last week's Democratic presidential primary, the secretary of state's office said Monday.

A total of 1,417,498 ballots were cast in the contest. The previous record number of votes cast in a Democratic presidential primary in Massachusetts was in 2008 when 1,352,157. Hillary Clinton defeated Barack Obama in that primary.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won last week's Democratic primary followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The total number of votes cast on the Republican side was 276,811. President Donald Trump easily defeated former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld.

There were 4,158 ballots cast in the Libertarian primary, and 1,620 ballots cast in the Green-Rainbow primary.

The number of total ballots cast in all four Massachusetts party primaries was just over 1.7 million, which represents about 37% percent of the number of eligible voters.

The numbers were slightly lower than predictions by Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin.

Galvin had said he expected as many as 1.5 million votes could be cast in the Democratic primary. He also estimated a Republican turnout in the range of 350,000.

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