Rowley man plans run for White House

JIM VAIKNORAS/Staff file photoStephen Comley of Rowley at his campaign kickoff for his presidential run in 2015. He is again campaigning for a 2020 run.

ROWLEY —  Nuclear power activist Stephen Comley Sr. of Rowley plans to file his nomination papers Friday at the Statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire, to run for president, at least the second time he has launched the quixotic effort.

Comley, a farmer and businessman who has been raising concerns about the safety of the Seabrook, New Hampshire, nuclear power plant and the inadequacy of the emergency evacuation zone for more than 30 years, said Wednesday he paid the $1,000 filing fee in New Hampshire to make his run official.

“All I’ve ever wanted to do is prove that democracy still works in this country,” Comley said of his presidential aspirations. “And it won’t work if people don’t get involved.”

Comley said he plans to file his papers at the Statehouse an hour before Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign is scheduled to file papers. 

In a press release, Comley said, “It will be an honor and a privilege to serve my country. I may not be a political science major, but I have 34 years of experience of investigating corruption in the Washington Beltway and the suppression of this fact by the media which is a ‘Violation of the Public Trust,’ as the Journalist Creed states.

“We don’t need another politician in the White House,” he said. “The American people need me, who is a true outsider and who will bring compassion, knows how to get along with both parties in accomplishing our goals while I am president.”

Comley said in the release he has “worked with both political parties to raise awareness of imminent dangers posed by nuclear power station(s) around the country.”

Describing himself as “a professional skeptic of the cozy relationship between the civilian nuclear industry and nuclear weapons,” Comley said he hopes to “exercise change and repair America,” if elected.

Comley, who runs an organization called We The People but doesn’t have a campaign field organization, said his goals include eliminating the deficit, designing a “fair flat tax,” cutting some entitlement programs and making “any necessary cuts to the military budget in order to ensure future generations won’t be forced to pay the present trillion-dollar debt.”

“As an accounting major, I know one and one equals two, not three, as Congress believes,” he said in the release. “I’m also a farmer and know pork when I see it.”

Comley has been outspoken about what he describes as cover-ups by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of unsafe conditions and a lack of workable evacuation plans around nuclear facilities.

If elected, Comley said, he would push for nuclear disarmament.

“Right now, war is the biggest business in Washington. I will increase all renewable energy during my presidency. Clean energy is the future,” he said.

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