BOSTON - From living rooms, dining tables and, in one case, from a car parked outside the Blue Hill Observatory, state representatives cast a historic vote on Wednesday.

The 157-0 approval of a short-term borrowing bill marked the first time in history representatives voted by phone from outside the State House, though some were physically present in the chamber to facilitate.

As befitting a session that most participants streamed online, many lawmakers marked the occasion with social media posts offering a glimpse at their remote voting setups.

As Rep. Paul Tucker of Salem put it in a caption accompanying a photo of him in a home office with a tablet and legal pad, under the watchful eye of pet dog Snooki, the day gave "new meaning to serving in the 'House.'"

Voting remotely didn't necessarily mean voting from home. Milton Rep. Bill Driscoll streamed the session on a cellphone propped up on his steering wheel from a spot in his district known for its scenic views.

"Today, I participated in the first ever remote formal session held by the MA House of Reps," Driscoll wrote on Twitter. "I stood 'at the great hill,' Massachusetts' namesake, Big Blue in The Blue Hills Reservation #MiltonMA & cast my vote over the phone."

Iced coffee cups and snacks - large containers of Twizzlers, Swedish Fish and pretzels among the most popular - are typical sights on the House floor during most formal sessions.

Rep. Susannah Whipps' at-home alternative was a veggie platter and cold brew from local coffee company Dean's Beans, while Rep. Christina Minicucci went with "leftover Café Azteca chips and guacamole."

"Ear piece in place for conversion with division leader," Minicucci wrote, describing her home voting operation. "Wearing my face covering in solidarity with colleagues who are on the house floor keeping us moving."

Reps. Tram Nguyen, Tami Gouveia, Natalie Blais and Mathew Muratore each posted photos of themselves ready to call in a vote.

"Proud to be able to be part of testing this innovative way of voting so that I can continue the important work of representing the #14thMiddlesex district," Gouveia tweeted.

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