James and the Giant Peach

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Parents in the audience light up the stage with their phones after the school lost power during the final 10 minutes of "James and the Giant Peach" at Miles River Middle School.

HAMILTON — The parents in the audience came to the rescue of the Miles River Middle School production of James and the Giant Peach last weekend — with their cell phones.

The school lost power during the last 10 minutes of the play last Friday, leaving everyone in the dark. But allowing the show to continue, the parents and other adults seated in the auditorium pulled out their phones and lit the stage with their built-in flashlights.

A Miles River teacher's reflections on what she had just witnessed, which was shared via Twitter, described it all as "perhaps the best piece of live theater" she'd ever seen.

She said it was hard to say who took their device out first, but seemingly in unison, about 400 people all turned their impromptu flashlights toward the stage, as the students continued to deliver their lines in the dark.

The accompanist also abandoned her keyboard for the old concert piano in the corner.

Not long after the performance concluded, videos and photos of the impressive finale began showing up on social media, applauding the "professionalism" of all the students, not to mention the quick-thinking audience members.

~ John Castelluccio

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