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Winds were fierce but the remnants of Hurricane Isaias that blew through New England last Tuesday were less remarkable for any damage they caused locally than for what they may portend.

In my pediatric practice, I am asked daily if it is safe to send children to school this fall. Clearly there is no perfect answer to this quandary. Families have different situations and no one solution will be right for everyone.

Everyone is asking me the same question: Should schools reopen? Actually, the data on this is pretty clear: Yes, kids across the board do better in school. But the question we really should be asking is this: What will we do when one kid in school  —even just one — tests positive? Nobody see…

The great irony of American history may be that precisely 75 years after the end of World War II -- an important marker we celebrate this week -- the United States is experiencing the first truly postwar election.

The National Park System has long been considered a national treasure. Stretching from coast to coast, it encompasses all manner of natural and historic gems, from the Yellowstone and Acadia national parks to the Appalachian Trail and the Salem Maritime National Park.

While the Mayor Jean A. Levesque Community Life Center is closed to the public, the Community Services division of the city has worked to engage older adults, youngsters, families and veterans despite the limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

This pandemic that’s shut down major parts of society and the economy, kept kids out of school and put many people out of work has a certain fend-for-yourself quality to it. Being resourceful is essential. So is building networks of support among family members, friends and occasional neighb…

This time last year, the temperature in Nunavut, the faraway Canadian land of massive ice floes and tundra islands that comprise the Arctic archipelago, soared above 73 degrees for the first time. This summer, some 1,480 miles from the territorial capital of Iqaluit, the editors of the Harva…

There has been encouraging news on the COVID-19 vaccine front in recent weeks. In a matter of months, researchers across the globe have developed treatment approaches that are ready for large-scale testing.

PBS News aired a segment on July 24 announcing that 29 million acres of tropical rainforest were harvested globally in 2019, led by China and the Republic of the Congo, taking more than 2 million restricted acres of ancient, rare tropical woods.

You could practically hear the collective exhale last week when Gov. Charlie Baker said the state would stretch out an emergency ban on foreclosures and evictions. People can stay in their homes at least another 60 days past the ban’s original expiration, was the gist, even if they’re out of…

We find ourselves at the crossroads of conversations around race, justice and police reform occurring against the backdrop of unspeakable tragedies such as the murder of George Floyd. I know the importance of meeting this moment with decisiveness to effect true systemic change. We must liste…

Getting sick isn’t the only hazard of living through a pandemic. As unemployment surges and the economy careens toward recession, putting enough food on the table is a struggle in many households as well.

In light of COVID-19, economic recession, social unrest and the fact that fans literally cannot get a seat inside Fenway Park this season, the adults among us who drink probably could use a cocktail. Massachusetts lawmakers aren’t exactly buying, of course, but they’ve expanded our choices.

Given all the attention over the past two years on the massive sewer spills from upstream treatment plants into the Merrimack River, most people might assume there is an active water testing program in place that has been tracking water quality over the years. That assumption would be wrong.

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