Count us among those happy to hear 6th District Congressman Seth Moulton is pledging to stay put, ignoring the political sirens luring him to a campaign for the White House.

Democrats nationally are searching for strong leaders — especially younger ones who represent the party’s future — and Moulton’s name is naturally mentioned. Moulton, 38, has been outspoken on topics ranging from veterans issues to military deployment in the Middle East to the controversies surrounding the Trump administration. This makes the youthful, well-spoken congressman with a strong pedigree of education and service a natural choice for the short lists of those trying to predict the 2020 ticket.

Moulton recently moved to shut off the speculation, saying he’s honored to hear his name called but remains focused on core issues, including the North of Boston region. “No, no, I’m not. I’m not running,” he said.

Which is good news for a region that needs a member of Congress focused on what’s happening here — be it economic development of gateway cities such as Lynn, Peabody and Salem, or the future of the Gloucester fishing industry. That’s not to mention a long list of topics that occupy the attention of any member of Congress these days, from health care to the welfare of retired servicemen and servicewomen to the threat posed by North Korea.

Moulton is surely a rising star in his party whose last stop won’t be the 6th District seat from Massachusetts. Still, as he begins a second term, it’s far too soon for him to turn his attention to the next office. It was satisfying to hear him reiterate in a recent interview with reporter Ethan Forman that “I am not running for president. I have a lot of work to do in Massachusetts.”


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