To the editor:

Beverly Mayor Michael Cahill’s willingness to explore the possibility of buying two vacant parcels on Simon Street for “active green space” is a welcome step in addressing the dearth of open land accessible in our city, particularly in our working-class neighborhoods (“Locked Out: Residents upset over loss of ‘neighborhood park,’” Nov. 18). This state of affairs is likely exacerbated by the right of developers to separate market-rate from affordable units, locating the latter off site, thereby contributing to economic and racial segregation.

Ward 3 Councilor Stacy Ames and Open Space and Recreation Committee member Alison Dudley’s advocacy of using these two lots — perfect for pocket parks — is heartening and exemplifies what good could and can come of collaboration among the city’s branches of government. Any effort to improve the quality of life for the residents of Beverly’s 600 Beverly Housing Authority units is a worthy endeavor. In the meantime, while negotiations on the future use of the two lots are ongoing (if, indeed, they move forward), why not unlock the gates and enable our young children to enjoy a little longer a rare green space that does not appear to be a safety hazard?

Caroline B. Mason


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