To the editor:

Terrific editorial in the March 31 paper about “Political correctness run amok in Lexington,” and here’s another reason why, Yes, “American Pride.” 

Several years ago, I led a walking tour of women’s history sites in downtown Boston for a group of women economists from all over the world who were attending a conference at Simmons College. The only woman in my tour group who spoke English as her primary language was from New Zealand. Everyone else hailed from parts of Africa and Asia. They peppered me with questions about how local, state and federal governments functioned and worked together. They asked probing questions about the 19th-century abolitionists and suffragists, wanting to know exactly how they affected public opinion and changed the laws. They asked me why equality in America was still left undone. And it suddenly hit me. I was talking to the Lucy Stones and the Sarah Parker Remonds of their countries who were working on these issues today. It was a humbling moment. So, Yes, “American Pride,” because in spite of whatever it is we want to complain about, people the world over still look to us a beacon of hope, justice, and freedom.

Bonnie Hurd Smith



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