To the editor:

I want you to know a little background about the husband I have been with for 42 years, Steve Dibble.

Steve and his siblings were raised by a single mother. A wonderful woman. He worked his way through college and then began his professional career as a senior Salem planner. During his 14 years with the city he served in many leadership roles, overseeing park improvements, traffic management, tree planting and environmental and energy initiatives. He served as conservation administrator, acting purchasing agent, handicap coordinator, contract and budget administrator, director of solid waste, and even started Salem’s first curbside recycling program. The breadth of experience means Steve has knowledge of the city government at all levels.

Steve is a wonderful husband and father. Together we raised three boys who graduated from Salem High and earned college degrees, as their father, did with hard work and dedication.

Not only did Steve balance work and family, he taught and mentored Salem youth for more than 25 years as a coach, Scout leader and youth chess instructor. Steve is blessed with friends because he is a true friend, ready to help at a moments notice.

Steve has put his heart and soul into his service as councilor and proven he has the courage of his convictions. He is a principled man.

Challenging an incumbent is always hard. It requires thick skin, heart and grassroots support.

Steve only wants to preserve this amazing historical city he loves while protecting the quality of life for its residents.

Jean Dibble


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