To the editor:

The vote in Maine against the power transmission corridor out of Quebec is a setback for clean energy in Massachusetts (“Work on power line continues despite emphatic vote in Maine,” Nov. 3). As a native of Maine, I respect the right of Mainers to protect their natural heritage, although I disagree with the opponents of this renewable energy lifeline.

New England is a compact group of states in the corner of the country, with similar ecological conditions and natural resources. A common entity, ISO-NE, manages the electrical grid for all six of the region’s states. And most importantly, each state needs to decarbonize its energy system, starting today.

So it is disappointing that a majority of Mainers voted against a project that would have helped rid our shared power grid of fossil fuels. The entire region would benefit from reducing the pollution caused by burning less gas and oil.

Solidarity, rather than self-interest, should be the watchword for New England’s environmental future. The urgency of the climate crisis demands that we prioritize lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s coordinate our efforts toward our common goals for the climate we share.

Frederick Hewett


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