To the editor:

As a democracy, has our country done what should have been on the COVID pandemic? Further, can a democracy get its act together to combat global warming before it’s too late? So far, the answers seem to be no, the latest no with the Senate not passing Biden’s BBB Bill that included 1/2 trillion dollars to fight global warming.

On the other hand, China, the planet’s biggest authoritarian government in the world, while at present being the biggest user of coal, has embarked on the following global warming mitigation efforts:

They have just put into operation a new nuclear powerplant and have plans to build more;

They have just put into operation a solar panel farm to power an electrolyzer facility to make hydrogen. They are building a similar facility in Ethiopia;

They are constructing a large facility adjacent to a coal-fired powerplant to capture the carbon dioxide and inject the compressed gas into oil wells to recover more oil. This facility is planned for operation in 2025. More of these carbon capture and sequestration facilities are planned;

China is also expanding its solar and wind farms;

China has announced plans to peak its carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 by increasing its share of non-fossil fuels by 20% in 2025, 25% by 2030, and more than 80% by 2060.

This means that global warming will get worse before it gets better, but it seems that an authoritarian country is leading the way.

Louis Zirin


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