To the editor:

Regarding the recent editorial headlined, "Time for silent middle to get involved":

The tea party and the Wall Street occupiers are the middle. They are mad as heck. They see the same problem in a greedy and corrupt Washington, D.C., and Wall Street.

The only solution is to vote out the corrupt career politicians who created this culture of greed. Then arrest the Wall Streeters who have broken the law and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Yes, let's have some fast and furious justice in the Justice Department. We may have to start with the attorney general, Mr. Holder.

No more bailouts. And, yes, we all know that President Obama's jobs bill is Bailout No. 3, renamed as a jobs bill. Maybe we could find someone in the media to report and expose the truth about this bill.

Where is the outrage? The question is can the tea party and the Wall Street occupiers agree on a solution? The problem is clear. The solution must be out of the box.

It will not come from the career politicians who created the problem. Vote for anti-establishment candidates who support constitutional solutions.

The common denominator is Congress. They have piled so many corrupt, unconstitutional laws and regulations on the free market that the system is broken. Repeal the unconstitutional laws and vote out the politicians who support unconstitutional laws.

James V. Morose


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