To the editor:

My short-term memory sometimes fails me, but I have pretty good memory left from my 53 years of being a lawyer, which included being a prosecutor as an assistant district attorney, an assistant state attorney general, arguing in the United States Supreme Court, the federal circuit court of appeals, several federal district courts and all of the trial and appellate courts in Massachusetts.

I was a judge for 11 years, and in my legal career I suspect that I have come in contact with hundreds of prosecutors, district attorneys, attorneys general, assistant attorneys general, and probably close to 1,000 judges. I estimate that I have known close to 5,000 attorneys in Massachusetts and elsewhere. And after all of my years, I still read the advance sheets from our appellate courts every week. It’s a lot of reading, and a lot of contact with lawyers, especially government lawyers, and the kinds of people that I was privileged to associate with for more than half a century in the business of and pursuit of justice.

I am hypersensitive to the prosecutorial function and the difficulty that is faced by every district attorney in balancing public interest, private interest, victims interest, defendants interest, police concerns, prosecuting attorneys concerns, defending attorneys concerns, court personnel including judges and clerks – the list baffles me, and I am sometimes confounded by the difficulties that confront the Massachusetts district attorney on a daily basis.

I am mindful of the treachery of superlatives and notwithstanding state my opinion, which is really experience based upon watching Jon Blodgett for 20 years, that he is by far the finest attorney and prosecutor that the voters of Essex County have ever entrusted with the fair exercise of the prosecutorial function. In addition, he is nationally recognized and held in the highest regard by district attorneys throughout the 50 United States.

Jon Blodgett will be missed by all of the various interests that he so carefully, conscientiously balanced during his 20 years, which included the supervision of probably 300 to 400 young attorneys who grew in knowledge, practicality, sensitivity, and good judgment because of Jon’s mentoring and leadership.

Thank you, Jon Blodgett, for a job well done.

David Mills


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