To the editor:

I would like to know why we are rewarding people not to work, by letting them continue to collect unemployment benefits when they refuse to go back to the jobs they had before the pandemic because they make more money to stay home.

I worked my whole life, never collected unemployment and am now retired, I retired at the age of 76 and collect Social Security, which I paid for all the years I worked. It is not an entitlement as the politicians would lead you to believe. I earned every penny they send me each month.

Let's start a political revolution. Let's not vote for incumbents in the next elections. Let's get new blood and maybe all these millionaire politician who give themselves raises will be gone. Let's get term limits for all politicians even down to cities and states, as well as federal. We will be doing the average person in the United States a big favor.

I am sure there are many people reading this letter that don't agree, but if the people would vote for the person not the party we would have a better diversity in government and we could get rid of the stupidity we seen on the news from Washington every day.

Betty Armstrong


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