To the editor:

State Rep. Paul Tucker, D-Salem, is a primary sponsor of a bill to install red-light cameras at traffic intersections in the commonwealth. Any city or town that opts in will get state-owned cameras. He is seeking passage at hearings by the Legislature’s Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. Actual recording will be privatized by contract to some company that I will call “X.”

This bill authorizes a camera for every 2,500 citizens. In Beverly, that means 15 cameras on our 20-plus traffic lights, or 75% surveillance of all the traffic in Beverly. The city of Beverly will pay “X” to record your every movement at all our newly designed intersections that force your car to face a camera head-on. If “X” sees a traffic violation, it will send its record of your face and plate to the Beverly Police, who will determine the consequences for public safety.

My burning question is who else can enter contracts with this secret company “X?” Homeland Security? ICE, FBI, state police, the cartel, M-18, PACs, employers, jealous spouses … the snooper list goes on and on.

Private companies (Google/Facebook) already monitor all our internet conversations and purchases for profit, and this will authorize a private company to monitor all our physical movements for profit. This sounds so unconstitutional and un-American! Where is the American Civil Liberties Union?

I oppose passage of state Rep. Tucker’s bill because of its unseen consequences.

Beatrice Heinze


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