To the editor:

What is the inverse of old man yelling at a cloud? Perhaps a young person yelling at a horribly designed, multi-unit condo building that both commands attention and offends sensibility.

The revitalization of Beverly can be described as both an immediate success and a long-term disappointment. It is indisputable that improvements to Beverly’s infrastructure have reshaped our city.

However, the Beverly planning and construction board appears to be completely indifferent in applying a critical eye to the multi-unit proposals that deep-pocket developers are putting forward. The city has bent its knee (and bent over) to Windover.

All of the new developments in Beverly look outdated and could use a good wrecking ball. There is nothing worth preserving being built in Beverly today. And yet our historic buildings and districts are being bulldozed.

I went to look at what else is in store for our neighborhood, and what I found was more insulting than I could have imagined. Look for yourself ( at the plans for the beautiful plot of land overlooking the Danvers River, located at 10-12-16 Congress St.

How can any architect or city official in good conscience approve the construction of two buildings with a 1960s Lake Placid Winter Inn aesthetic that would look hideous even 40 years ago.

The Beverly waterfront is our city’s most promising parcel of undeveloped land. The plans for Congress Street are indefensible and need reconsidering.

Historic Beverly is becoming a historic eyesore.

Antony Ohman