To the editor:

The opening of the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane on I-93 to all vehicles “to help alleviate traffic congestion” from the Tobin Bridge project (“MassDOT weighs 2-year HOV lane access,” Salem News, June 19) frankly makes no sense. HOV lanes exist to incentivize carpooling, and those incentives should not be taken away from people who are willing and able to carpool.

From what I could observe in East Somerville, this “experiment” is not working. I-93 is the usual traffic jam, even with the HOV lane open to general traffic. And with the opening of Everett’s Encore casino, be sure to expect more bumper-to-bumper congestion.

We know that more roads attract more cars. Yet officials keep choosing these self-defeating solutions against evidence and common sense. For instance, wanting to open the Seaport’s Northern Avenue Bridge to cars after its reconstruction, as noted in a recent Boston Globe article, is another example of a self-defeating choice, dictated by a car-centric mentality that people in charge are not able to set aside.

The HOV lanes need to go back to carpoolers to alleviate overall congestion and reward good behavior.

Paola Massoli