To the editor:

Did Mr. Guzowski’s lengthy letter of Aug. 12, in which he states, “They (’leftists’) want to disarm Americans and weaken any possible opposition to a takeover of the government” mean to imply the left wants the government to take over, but cannot only because Americans are armed with all manner of assault weapons? That’s preposterous, paranoid and stupid.

No one is talking about taking guns away, and no Democrat is looking for a government takeover. This rant, that gun regulation will allow a government takeover, is quackery. All of his other talking points echo the same old tired reasoning rubber stamped by the NRA, aka the Republican Party. And I agree, we need to do more to help with mental health, and should do so even if we didn’t have daily gun violence. I doubt there is a Democrat around who wouldn’t want more health care, mental and physical, to be made available to all. But I believe we should also take concrete steps to end the gun terror that is uniquely American.

Mr. Guzowski used his podium to get in several licks in on all kinds of political issues besides gun violence, immigration reform, student debt forgiveness, video games, Hollywood, socialism, free handouts, and then he couldn’t resist the call to attack our free press as fake news. It was such a well-rounded rant, but lacked a shred of evidence to support his obsessive hatred for Democrats. Well, there aren’t enough hours in the day to try to get through to gentlemen such as he. I am only hoping that reason will win out, that one day, gun ownership will become a responsibility, much like car ownership. That one day in the not too distant future, children will feel safe again in their classrooms, that worshipers, shoppers, all citizens will no longer be targets, and that weapons of war remain as just that.

Iris Doucette