To the editor:

A friend said to me, “The Salem News ran three stories about wind power in one day. What’s going on?”

In my opinion, there are three big reasons. One, to quote Ted Warren’s piece (”Choices for a historic maritime deep-water port,” May 13), “Massachusetts has the highest offshore wind potential in the country.” The trouble is, we are in danger of losing jobs and revenue to our neighbors New York and New Jersey, who are moving fast on wind. Massachusetts has a great opportunity, but the clock is ticking.

Two, thanks to Europe’s tremendous advancements in wind technology, turbines are now sited far offshore, so we no longer have to worry about altering our beautiful sea views.

And three, the site next to Salem’s natural gas plant is, according to the Mass Clean Energy Center, the best location in the entire northeast for servicing the wind industry. Given the dangerous delays we’ve already experienced in deploying wind as an essential strategy to curb climate change, it is great news that the Salem site is empty and already designated as a Designated Port Area. I’d like to see Salem move aggressively to capture some of the $250 million available to enhance our port infrastructure.

Let’s keep wind money and jobs in the United States. Let’s bring them to the North Shore. Let’s do something real to leave a livable world for our children. Let’s go, Salem! We can do this!

Rob Bonney

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Northshore




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