To the editor:

It is maddening to see that while all other industrial nations are taking steps to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere Washington, under the leadership of President Trump, is doing the opposite, undoing all of the steps taken by previous administrations. By these reversals, President Trump and numerous allies are endangering the future of planet Earth. What are we to do as we approach the point of no return?

Do we just wait for the elections in 2020, hoping that an awakened electorate votes out the know-nothings in Congress and the White House. Or do we wait until the atmospheric temperatures in Washington become unbearable?

During the March for Jobs and Freedom in 1963, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. told us and 250,000 people about his dream “that one day this nation will rise up.” Happily, no doubt spurred on by his speech, the Civil Rights Act was passed one year later. My dream is that very soon, either just before or after the 2020 election, this nation will rise up in the hundreds of thousands with a massive march on Washington to demand that action be taken immediately to combat global warming.

Louis Zirin