To the editor:

What a flagrant display of liberal/progressive hypocrisy! Tom Brown, as quoted in the June 27 article on the Wayfair walk-out, “For me personally, there is more to life than profit.” He professes to be very generous with somebody else’s money -- the company’s. How about using some of his paycheck? Not an issue since he’s probably on salary.

Did he or any one of the 500 protesters raise their concerns with the people causing the problem -- the ineffective House and Senate? Oh yeah -- they were all at the debates.

He and his colleagues exhibited a serious case of professional suicidal tendencies – “Don’t bite the hand that signs your paycheck.”

Did they not notice that 50-plus years ago, General Electric employed more than 13,000 in and around Lynn. Direct Energy Conversion was sold. Steam Turbine moved to a friendlier worker environment in the South. The Gear Plant was shut down. Aircraft Engines is a shadow of its former self. As the Globe Magazine reported, Jack Welch explained it to then-Gov. Michael Dukakis as a lack of union support.

Will IKEA be satisfied with just the contracts that Wayfair is to politically correct to fulfill?

There’s a non-PC expression where someone’s optic nerve takes a devious path so that they have a worse than negative outlook on everything.

The sale of furniture to a company running a detention center could have just as easily been interpreted as providing positive comfort and aid to people in a makeshift situation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol are trying to keep up with the problems from the Congress not doing its job.

Every president since at least Clinton has lamented the problems at the southern border. So the question comes down to how walking off the job to protest for the benefit of the evening news is going to motivate Congress to solve this ongoing problem?

George Binns


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