To the editor:

Last week, President Trump proposed deferring payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare. He also said "If I win, I may extend and terminate." Former Vice President Biden called this executive order" a reckless war on Social Security."

Coincidently, Friday, Aug. 14 was the 85th anniversary of Social Security. It has been our country's most successful government program. Designed as a retirement insurance program so that everyone receives some amount of income in old age to keep them from abject poverty. About 30% of all retirees depend upon Social Security for 100% of their income.  For every day working Americans of all races and genders there are moments when we must realize that with programs such as Social Security and Medicare, the government is working on our behalf.

Happy 85th anniversary to Social Security and may it continue to be a rock-solid safety net for all future generations of Americans.

Also, please consider this as another thought provoking factor in the mix as we go to the polls in November.

Walter W. Horan




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