To the editor:

As many of your readers are aware, there was terrible storm damage to Abbott’s Rock day beacon this winter. Abbott’s Rock day beacon sits in the waters off of Winter Island and Juniper Point in Salem Willows. Mother Nature has not been kind to this very important navigational aid.

As background, Abbott’s Rock is a pyramid-shaped structure constructed out of heavy granite slabs stacked strategically on top each other. Think of a giant Jenga game. She has stood in this location for more than 150 years, guiding generations of mariners entering Salem Harbor. Its location in our harbor abuts the federal channel and falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard. Unfortunately, as of today the Coast Guard does not plan on repairing this critically important day beacon. This is devastating news to our boating community, as it also means it will no longer be included in current navigational systems. This also means this structure will be replaced by a mere stick/spar as a marker, a mere needle in a haystack.

The Coast Guard has deemed the rebuild/maintenance as cost prohibitive. It seems to me that the Coast Guard would strive for “safety first” precautions above all else.

In closing, a brief Coast Guard history lesson: “The mission of the United States Coast Guard is to ensure our National maritime safety, security, and stewardship.” Stewardship: The job of supervising or taking care of something such as an organization or property.

Please join me in contacting John Collins of USCG Auxiliary Div 4 SO-PE (email: and refer to Abbott Rock day beacon (light List #10065) and (Project # 01-19-074), requesting that Abbott Rock day beacon be restored.

N. Malia Griffin



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