To the editor:

America still has a racism problem. I don’t know how people think that civil rights was something that happened in the 60s and we got through it.

Racism is still going on. Charollottesville, George Floyd, every person who calls the police because they see a suspicious black person. You don’t have to be a member of the KKK to be racist. America still has a racist problem and our president isn’t doing anything to stop it. He praises the acts of racist cops and white supremacists and calls Black Lives Matter protesters “thugs.”

The KKK isn’t a bygone organization — they have been living underneath this country waiting for an opportunity like this, a president who supports them and doesn’t condemn them. I’m personally tired of privileged white people saying “we support black people” when they probably haven’t even walked past a black person. Don’t just say you support them, do it! Join their fight for equality, get mad at a administration stuck in a Jim Crow mindset, vote them out this November.

Right now, America isn’t great, it’s racist! America was built on the idea that all men are created equal, not all men are created white and the others are not humans. We need to get off our butts. Fight the racism and truly America will be great again.

Matthew Garlin



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