To the editor:

As a retired law enforcement agent with 27 years of proud service to my country, I was appalled and disappointed at Danvers Town Manager Steve Bartha’s ill-advised decision to remove the “thin blue line” flags from Danvers fire trucks. In one action, he insulted those like me who have served and protected the American people, as well as demonstrated a lack of support for or trust in the Danvers fire and police departments.

When did it become “political” to express support for our law enforcement women and men? Why does an expression of support for our police officers have to be interpreted as a lack of support for another cause? We need a town manager in Danvers who is not a weathervane -- attempting to determine which way the wind is blowing -- but more of a leader who doesn’t overact to criticism and, well, actually leads.

I hope the voters of Danvers remember in future elections the actions and words of Steve Bartha, Selectman Dan Bennett and Selectman Bill Clark and how they sold out their fire and police departments.

Thomas Powers


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