To the editor:

Regarding Georgia Bills’ July 1 letter to the editor (“Pandemic highlights Beverly’s trash problem”) — Georgia why would you expect anything less from this Cahill administration? Here are just a few of the many blunders Cahill, Guanci and company have cost hard working Beverly taxpayers: Briscoe sold for $600,000 when a solid $4 million bid was pooh-poohed; a dredging company is demanding $1.2 million in damages; the City Council rubber-stamps a record high $136.4 million budget that includes maximum tax increases with no serious attempt at cost reduction; $4 million in school security enhancements with many taking place at a brand new middle school that already has Beverly homeowners on the hook for more than $114 million during the bonding term; a rising school budget of $1.4 million; a city-owned golf club under a new five-year contract will be paid $380,000 less per year from the management company, and the city will spend $5 million on property renovations; a doomed harbor restaurant due to an oversized structure that will provide inadequate parking for public access and neighborhood disruption!

To add further insult to Beverly’s taxpaying homeowners, the city will draw more than $1 million in cash reserves and cut $350,000 in sidewalks and road repairs that are far overdue and underfunded.

The reality of it all is Beverly homeowners will continue to be pummeled by Mike Cahill, Paul Guanci and the Beverly City Council. Maximum tax increases of 21/2% ... that’s a joke. Since 2010 my real estate property taxes have increased 49.3%. That’s two times the so-called maximum! Beverly homeowners have every right to demand real estate tax stabilization.

At the state level, Proposition 21/2 needs to be rewritten to better protect homeowners in towns that are seeing real estate taxes increasing way beyond 2.5% per year. For once, Joan Lovely and Jerry Parisella should start publicly advocating for homeowners.

David Manzi


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