To the editor:

On Thursday, May 16, our son Scott and his family suffered a devastating loss when they lost their rental home and nearly all their belongings to a fire.

Almost instantly, the people of Boxford ran to their aid, with bags, boxes and suitcases filled with things they would need. My front porch was teeming with bags and boxes. My daughter-in-law’s co-workers at Town Hall organized a drop-off there and, in two days, it was overflowing with donations. Offers of places to stay came in as well.

For those of you who may know my family, you know that we never hesitate to offer our help to others. That’s what we do. When others help us, it’s mind-boggling and humbling.

Within two weeks, my son and his family had another rental home in Boxford, thanks to the Lillooet Cheesery at 48 Topsfield Road (go buy their cheese!). Thanks to the thousands of dollars donated, they were able to buy new furniture to furnish their home.

They are settling nicely into their new home. There are things they will never get back, but they are determined to start making new memories in the town that they love – and, obviously, one that loves them back.

As parents and grandparents, we can’t thank you all enough – friends, family, acquaintances, for your kindnesses, generosity, and ability to make our kids smile again.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Judi and Kerry Stickney

Scott and Kirsten Stickney and family


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