To the editor:

It brings me joy to know that others feel the same way I do about both the harmfulness of natural gas and the necessity of a Green New Deal (Letter: “‘Looming threat’ is climate change,” July 1). It is time for us to see all fossil fuels as our enemy, and worse: as a monkey on our backs, as an addiction, as a toxic and false friend that has endangered our planet and our safety.

Ask the property insurance industry about why rates are going up. Ask civil engineers why we’re seeing so many floods. We need to wake up and fix this thing -- especially us seaside folks -- before something really bad happens. Luckily, someone’s had a great idea. Nobel Prize-winning economist William Nordhaus has proposed a carbon fee that will force large, energy-hungry companies to go green and spare taxpayers the financial burden of renewable transition. House Bill 2810 and Senate Bill 1924, both current, propose just such a plan for Massachusetts. As we know, our state is a national leader in sports, in schools, in healthcare, and -- yes! -- in politics. If we can pull off carbon fee and dividend, other states, and someday the nation, will follow our example. Passing carbon fee and dividend in Massachusetts may not fix all our climate problems in one go, but it would be a heck of a good start. 

Anna Gooding-Call