To the editor:

While I agree that gas leaks are a priority in Massachusetts, Daniel Bennett’s assertion that they are more important than House Bill 2810 (”Make fixing gas leaks a priority,” Aug. 19) is not accurate. Our state in particular is very vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and HB 2810 can both prepare us for those effects and help to mitigate them in a fair and ethical way.

Carbon fees, especially those where the revenue is returned to the voters, are effective ways to get an economy off of fossil fuel quickly and with minimal disruption. If Massachusetts can implement one effectively, we’ll be a beacon to the rest of the nation, just as we were with marriage equality and health care. This is a case where Massachusetts can knock down a domino that causes a cascade effect throughout the world -- a cascade that we desperately need if we want to preserve ourselves. Let’s pass HB 2810. There’s no reason that we can’t also deal with gas leaks, but the legislature is right to be prioritizing climate change right now.

Anna Gooding-Call


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