To the editor:

After six long weeks of quarantine, things are finally loosening up here in Massachusetts. Now, with many restrictions you can go play golf and as of May 25, you can go to the beach, a park or a zoo. You’ll also be allowed to go fishing. Many activities, however, are still verboten for the foreseeable future including prostate exams, mammograms, colonoscopies, cardiac stress tests and a long list of other “elective” medical procedures, except abortions, you can get an abortion.

I can go and purchase a jar of whiskey but I cannot get screened for cancer. How many times has your doctor scolded you for not scheduling your mammogram or colonoscopy? “Early detection is extremely important; it could save your life,” he or she would tell you. The medical community and the government are now so wrapped up in running your life and dealing with COVID-19 and searching for the “cure” they no longer seem concerned about these other human killers. Of course, you can show the doctor your skin rash with your smartphone but he or she cannot take your temperature or listen to your heart and lungs. And … if you don’t have the Zoom app (or similar) you are out of luck altogether.

It’s time to get back to normal. The “old” normal!

Gerard Morse


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