To the editor:

I am concerned with our inner cities. They are riddled with refuse and boiling over the top. It is long past time to do something to help our homeless, regardless of blaming Democratic mayors who run these cities. This is an American problem! These people need help desperately.

We need to rebuild institutions like we had in the past to reach out to these folks, whether it is drug-related, PTSD, mental illness or just plain laziness. Some are able to work, and many are not. We have to understand that some of them are in their comfort zone and will resist being moved. But it must happen.

America is a very generous nation and we give money abroad to many poorer countries. It is high time to help our own fellow brothers and sisters here in this country.

Feces, needles and rats are bringing diseases that we had in the past and merchants are leaving by the droves. Cleaning up will be a big problem but it must be done. Federal funds will be needed to rebuild our cities and hopefully restoration will become a possibility.

Bob Violette


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