To the editor:

Salem is in the process of repainting the parking spaces dedicated to disabled parking. But they need a little help. When parking on the street, a person who is disabled has two choices. Either they use one that is parallel to the curb or one that is diagonal to the curb. Parallel presents no problem, but diagonal is another story.

Diagonal requires a zebra stripe to accommodate a chair lift. This space carries the same penalty when used as a parking space, as if the operator parked in the disabled space. The problem is that workers who are doing the painting never got the word. This should be done when painting the area in the beginning, but has not happened. Those using this space carry the same fine as if using the space for disabled. Then again, seldom is it enforced. Those enforcing parking need to brush up on enforcing this law. If you’re going to do the job, do it right.

Kenneth Bonacci


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